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Remi – Music For Wolves

Remi - Music for Wolves cover

Remi has been putting out records, singles, EPs and albums, since 2011. He’s been writing and recording songs, alone or with a band, and playing in clubs, small and big stages around Europe and his birthplace Greece. What defines him mostly, is his special relationship with the road, which has been the foundation of his songwriting. That’s where he started writing the stories he sings about and that’s where he begun performing live, before climbing onto real stages – a folk artist who is slowly building his legacy. That said, “Music For Wolves” is his latest work, a full length album carrying 14 straight-forward folk tunes. Acoustic bluesy ballads, a few happy rhythms here and there, but mostly plain folk songs straight from the heart.
“All Of This” and “I Dreamt About This“, a duet with Sofia Filonos are the two songs that maybe stand out. This last one has the same title as the movie Remi is currently also working on. There is a fundraising campaign going on right now at for that purpose – this album essentially serves the purpose of the OST to that film.
The album will be released sometime in May, but a few tracks have been published already on Remi’s YouTube.

I Dreamt About This Poster