Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners

Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners

Introducing…. Jack Cade and the Everyday sinners.

Jack Cade plays a mix of Americana and Alt-Country usually as a solo performer but at times with The Everyday Sinners. His vocals are a rough and ready deep growl, delivered with simply crafted songs about love, loss and the bits in between.

Lord of the empty Manor

2011 saw the release of Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners debut Collision Music album ‘This Fiery Road’ which introduced the band to an audience far and wide from their native Reading home, picking up new fans from across Europe and the US in the process. If you haven’t heard the album these words from Rebel’ Rod Ames at ‘From Under The Basement’ just about sum it up  “Take about two cups of Johnny Cash add a dash or two of Tom Waits, and a smidgen of the psychobilly or punk roots that began molding him years ago, and you have Jack Cade.”

Having spent 2012 writing new material, shooting videos and playing a whole bunch of gigs Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners are ready to embark on their follow up album. The band has been trimmed down from the large mix of musicians who appeared on the debut, and are now based around a core 4 piece band with occasional appearances from guest musicians. The current line-up is Jack Cade (vocals & guitar) Mike Muggeridge (bass) Helen Togher (vocal) and Adam Perry (drums). In keeping with this stripped down format the new material is a lot more raw, whilst still weaving its way through an Americana, Country and Folk vibe.

The ‘Lord of the empty Manor’ album will introduce 12 new songs with themes ranging 
from passion and despair to the ills of the modern life, there are even some Zombies thrown in along the way. However, there is a change to this Collision release, in that the tracks will be released individually each month through the year, with a limited edition vinyl copy available December 2013.

First up will be the relentlessly thumping ‘Dead Weight Walkin’ an allegory for our times, railing against the greed of the few riding on the backs of the many, a theme truly in keeping with the historical links of the name Jack Cade. It’s told through the story of five brothers and their lopsided, turbulent relationship, delivered in a deep angry growl and backed by some searing vocals from Helen and all underpinned by a rolling tribal beat and rhythmic bass line.

At the helm for the recording of this album is producer Bobby Bloomfield of Does it offend you, yeah?  who has also collaborated with Vienna Ditto, The Adelines, SixNationState, Kamikaze Test Pilots as well as working on numerous remixes –

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